Tally Prime Keyboard Shortcut

F1- Help Menu Activation

F2- Date Change

F3- Second Company Activation

F4- Contra Voucher

F5- Payment Voucher

F6 - Receipt Voucher

F7- Journal Voucher

F8-Sale Voucher

F9- Purchase Voucher

F10- Other Voucher

F11- Company Feature

F12- Configuration

Alt+F1 - Report Detail View

Alt+F2- Period Change 

Alt+F3 - Select Company

Alt+F4- Close Tally Prime (With Confirmation Message)

Alt+G - Switch  One Report To Other

Alt+C - Create Ledger In Time Of Voucher Entry

Alt+K - Company Menu Activate

Alt+Y - Data Menu Activate

Alt+Z - Exchange Menu Activate

Alt+O - Import Menu Activation

Alt+E - Export Menu Activation

Alt+M - Email Menu Activation

Alt+P - Print Menu Activation

Ctrl+F1 - Help File Open

Ctrl+F3 - Shut Company

Ctrl+A - Save (Save Company Option OR Voucher)

Ctrl+B - Report Show In Basis Value

Ctrl+C - Copy

Ctrl+V - Paste

Ctrl+E - Export File

Ctrl+H - Change Voucher Mode

Ctrl+I - Add Dispatch Detail

Ctrl+P - Print Report

Ctrl+4 - For Rupees Symbol

Ctrl+Enter - Ledger Alteration

Esc - Exit Active Screen

Ctrl+Q - Close Tally Prime (Without Message)